Buying a Swapper Half (or Halves)

We do not list individual Swapper halves in the shop, but we often have them available. Our supply of halves changes very rapidly, therefore we choose not to list them on the site.

There are two basic ways you can obtain a Swapper half that you are looking for:

Method 1 - If you are placing an order:

Simply leave your request for the specific half you are looking for in the Notes section during checkout.

When we process your order we will check if that half is available. If the half you are looking for is available, we will include it with your order at no additional cost. If the half you are looking you are looking for is not available, there will be a note in your order to let you know.

Doom Stone halves are not available for request using this method, but may be available for separate purchase.

Method 2 - If you are NOT placing an order:

You can still potentially acquire a Swapper half, but we will require that you pay the shipping costs. If you're located in the US, this is currently $8.95. (You can view the current minimum shipping charges for international orders in the Shipping Policy.)

Doom Stone halves are not available for request using this method, but may be available for separate purchase.

Other Notes

In either case, if you wish to acquire additional halves in the same order, you will be required to pay 50% of the currently list price of the full figure in the shop. The half with the lowest value will be your free half and you will need to pay for the remaining halves.



You are looking for Hoot (top half of Hoot Loop), Jet (bottom half of Boom Jet), and Charge (bottom half of Magna Charge).

If all three halves are available your free half would be Jet. At the time of this writing, you would need to pay $3 USD for Hoot and $6 USD for Charge in addition to any shipping charges. (Prices subject to change.)


In order to set up a purchase using Method 2 or to inquire about the current availability of Swapper halves, please email

Due to the number of request we receive and our own need for access to the inventory, we cannot hold halves for more than 24 hours. If payment for a Swapper half order is not received within 24 hours of the time the invoice is issued, it may be canceled with or without notice.

Requests for "a random half" or "either half" of a Swapper will not be fulfilled. The purpose of this program is to help you complete figures you may have lost part of or to replace halves that have become non-functional over the years. We ask that you respect this intent or the entire program may have to be terminated.